Join our UPS driver on his heartwarming journey meeting furry friends along the way

Join our UPS driver on his heartwarming journey meeting furry friends along the way

In the vibrant streets of New Orleans, Jason ‘Jay’ Hardesty, a cheerful UPS driver, has found joy in an unexpected place – the wagging tails and friendly faces of neighborhood dogs.

His Instagram page, adorned with snapshots of him posing with these furry companions, has become a heartwarming sensation under the hashtag #pupsofjay.

Jay’s journey into the hearts of dog lovers began a few years back when he started sharing these endearing moments online.

Little did he know that his simple snapshots would garner thousands of likes and capture the affection of social media users worldwide.

Transitioning from a route where canine encounters were few and far between, Jay found himself in a neighborhood teeming with furry friends eager to greet him.

“My old route, which was more families, the dogs did not like you,” he shared with BuzzFeed News.

“They moved me to a different area of town with more people my age, more single people, and the dogs were much friendlier.”

Amid the hustle of delivering packages, Jay delights in these brief interludes of companionship. “They come to the door and are happy and let you pet them and stuff,” he beams.

Jay’s bond with the neighborhood pups is not an isolated phenomenon. Across the country, UPS drivers have formed a camaraderie with the animals they encounter on their routes.

The ‘UPS Dogs’ group on Facebook is a testament to these heartening connections, where drivers share snapshots of their encounters with dogs, deer, geese, alpacas, chickens, and more.

With abundant pet pals along his route, Jay has implemented a charming tradition: one dog post every Friday evening.

Such is the demand for these delightful snapshots that there’s even a waiting list of eager canine companions vying for their moment in the limelight.



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